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10% off Coupon for Music Activated RGB Remote controlled Lamps


Date: June 27th, 2012                                          Issue:2012


Music Activated Series ----------
Lederaa's''s Music activated RGB color changing Lighting series are sound sensitive and remote controlled.  The build-in sensor will detect the environmental Music tempo and then send command to order RGB LED make color change along  with the beats of the tempo.  It is very smart design as it doesn't command led to change color with normal noise, such as human's voice talk, it only change colors with the Music tempo,  Amasing!!, see the video... 



12W 15cm-LED Recessed lamps Ceiling Lights Warm White Cool White Spot light 960Lm
5W Music control RGB color changing LED E27 Bulb IR controller optional
          was $22.40
* 3W E27 Silver case LED  
Price: $6.20
* 3W MR16 Gold case Led
Price: $8.20
          Price: $10.70
        Price: $30.60


Slave RGB color changing Bulbs

$ 15.80

series are very beautiful design at an amazing low price, it can work as a regular Slave RGB color chaning lamps.in sync effect plus sound sensitive feature...what a good deal,

just take a look


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