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Coupon - 6W GU10 3x2W Leds Spot lights 460Lm


Date: May 29th, 2012                                          Issue:2012



6W GU10 High Power LED Spot Lights 460Lm Super Bright  ----------
Lederaa has launched a new stylish model of 6W 3x2w Leds spot lights version which has its series bases including Gu10, E27 & MR16.  This new model is with a unique stylish outlook design and 460Lm high brightness performance at a very affordable price.  It's now in promotion, time for you too change your halegon lights to LED...  see the detail... 





Bundle Sales - RGB E27 + Small Remote Control




Warm White


5M 5050 Warm White 300Leds Strip 5000Lm


5W Slave lamp RGB contolled color changing LED cable Spot MR16 with 4 wire terminal



Slave Music RGB

3W LED MR16 lamp


3W 3leds MR16 Spot Lights

60W IR Music Controller 3ports + 5M 5050 150 leds RGB Ribbon light IP65  + 40W power transformer COMBO


5M RGB Strip +60W Music Controller +40W  Driver


6W E27 lamp 3 LEDs 110-240V spot Silver Shell super bright 460lm Warm White Cool White


6W E27 Spot Lights

3W E27 lamp Aluminium 3 LEDs spot Bright 110-240V 270lm


3W 3leds E27 Spot Lights

7W High Power 7 LED  Ceiling Light Down Recessed Lamp Warm White Spot light Cabinet 85-265V


7W Celing Light with Driver

5W Music control RGB color changing LED E27 Bulb IR controller optional


Music E27 Bulb






          was $11.20

6W GU10 3Leds High Power Spot Lights Super Bright 460Lm




*  3W E27 Silver case LED  
         Price: $6.20


*  3W MR16 Gold case Led
          Price: $8.20


*  6W E27 Gold case LED

          Price: $9.63


*  5m 5050 RGB Strip         

        Price: $34.00





Slave RGB color changing Bulbs

$ 16.50

series are very beautiful design at an amazing low price, it can work as a regular Slave RGB color chaning lamps.in sync effect plus sound sensitive feature...what a good deal,

just take a look


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