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Music control color changing LED E27 spot light (Optional: With Wireless Remote)


Have you used LED lightingyet? There are somevery good reasons to switch to LED lamps. In fact these days theLED Lighting industry is witnessing arapidly increasing demand for industrial and household usage. To meet the increase in demand for such lights Lederaa LED Lighting has launched a website where some great products are listed. But why should one shift to LED lighting in the first place? Consider low electricity costs, easy to achieve fantastic effects, direct replacement for easy installation, low Temperature, ability to change whole color schemes at the press of a button, and many more.

And on the web there are not many places for more comprehensive information on LED lighting than Lederaa LED Lighting.Lederaa LED Lighting is a wholesaler as well as retailer. They work in perfect synergy with their local leading LED manufacturers to provide a direct sales channel, so customers can always expect the best prices.
Lederaa LED Lighting basically acts as a brand name and sales office for their original manufacturer. They also have a direct contact window in the production line and have engineering team thatdesigns the products for them. These products are Sound Sensitive RGB LED, Sound activated RGB LED, Music controlled RGB LED, Music color changer LED, Music RGB LED, RGB led lights, rgb led, color changing led, color changing lights, color changing bulb, sync rgb led,RGB color flash with the beats, E27 RGB LED, E27 LED, remote led light, color changing led lighting, 5w led E27 bulb, E27 LED, 5W E27, High Power LED, LED bulbs, led lamps, 5W LED E27 Shape, led Spots, led lighting, light bulb led E27 shape, led E27 spot light, 110V LED, 220V LED, 240V LED, and many more.So this helps the companyto capturethe latest and the most accurate trendsabout the newly arrived products. You will surely be benefitted especially when you are installing the sophisticated and technical color changing lighting products.

Their products are one of the best that you can buy. The 5w music color changing LED bulb is Sound activated. It is also the easiest and fastest way to add color to any environment. Using the latest in LED color technology you can simply screw it into any standard ceiling outlet or other style of bulb socket and turn it on. The color of your RGB light will be changing along with the beats of the music tempo. The features of 5 watts music color changing LED bulb are it has 5 watts High Power, it has IR & Music Controllable, Sound activated bulb that response to 50-60dB, it has an estimated Life Span of 30,000 hours, it works with the bass mostly in the music which is good for flashing to the beat of a song rather than to any noise, the Synchronous mode, Light Output are Red at 35 Lumens Green at 65 Lumens Blue at 17 Lumens and it has a Beam Angle of 30 degrees. Above all,Lederaa LED Lighting provides very competitive pricing. Their prices may even surprise you. Check themout. Company name - Lederaa LED Lighting Company phone number - +886-2-29008539 http://www.lederaa.com

Nicholas Bishop

New York